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How I Turned My Passion for Baking into a Business Business Tips 

How I Turned My Passion for Baking into a Business

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had the thing for anything sweet made from oven, especially the cupcakes.

Watching my mom bake us sisters cupcakes always fascinated me. The entire process from step one up to serving the cupcakes are fun to watch and do myself.

I’ve experimented a lot to create my own recipes, the ones I’m using now for all the orders that I’m receiving. Eventually, all of the mistakes and disasters I’ve made from years of trial and error brought forth something that many people would love.

So, many aspiring entrepreneurs always ask me how did I started the business?

What steps did it took in order to make a passion in baking become a full blown profitable business?

Today, I’ve decided to finally share my knowledge and experience out of all the failures and headaches I’ve encountered before achieving my first success in this baking business.

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